Transmitting HIV in California may No Longer Be a Felony…

Transmitting HIV in California may no longer be a felony but it is still a civil offense and you can hold someone of substance financially liable for transmitting HIV in Los Angeles or anywhere in California without warning you in advance of intimate contact.  Filing a civil lawsuit is not extortion.  The laws of California […]

STD Transmission in Orange County on the Rise

The rate of STD transmission in Orange County is on the rise, but it is possible to hold a person of financial substance accountable for transmitting an STD like herpes, HPV or HIV without advance warning.  Those who carry an STD in California are required by law to warn any and all potential intimate partners […]

HIV Transmission Attorney Serving California LA and Orange County

Knowingly transmitting HIV or the AIDS virus to a sexual partner without warning them in advance that you are a carrier or at risk is against the law in California.  The recent public admission of Charlie Sheen has brought this back into the consciousness of Californians, and as an HIV transmission attorney and personal injury lawyer […]

Don’t Be Intimidated by a Person Who Has Given You an STD

Don’t be intimidated by a person who has given you an STD.  This often occurs when a person of wealth, power or fame gives an intimate partner an STD without warning them in advance of contact that they are a carrier.  Transmitting an STD without advance warning prior to contact is against the law here in […]

Drug Resistant Strain of Gonorrhea May Become a New STD Transmission Threat

A new global strain of Gonorrhea may become a new STD transmission threat for residents of Orange County and Los Angeles.  The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have been warning of developments regarding this strain.  The so-called “Super Gonorrhea” may become completely resistant to antibiotics and the CDC is concerned about global spread.  The STD […]

HIV Transmission Without Advance Warning Can Result in a Civil Lawsuit in California

HIV transmission without advance warning is against the law in California, and in almost every state here in the US.  If you contract HIV from a person of substance such as an actor or actress, TV personality, professional athlete, business owner or another person of substance or wealth you can hold them financially accountable.  My name […]

STD Rates on the Rise Due to Popularity in New Dating Apps?

Many STD’s such as genital herpes (hsv-2), chlamydia, HIV, HPV, and gonorrhea were on the downswing for many years, with lower rates of infection in the general population. However, recent statistics from the Center for Disease Control indicate that this trend is over, and many STD rates are on the rise again.   Many experts have […]

Transmitting HIV or any other STD Without Warning is Against the Law

Transmitting HIV, AIDS or any other STD without providing an intimate partner without warning is against the law in California.  It is possible to hold a partner financially responsible for transmitting HIV, AIDS or an STD and our office has extensive experience and expertise in these cases.  Obviously, the person transmitting the disease must be […]

Personal Injury Claims for Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Most people are unaware that there are both criminal and civil causes of action for the knowing transmission of a sexually transmitted disease or STD without warning in the state of California. For instance, if a boyfriend knowingly conceals the fact that he has Genital Herpes and transmits this to his girlfriend, the girlfriend may […]