Pedestrian Injuries in Mission Viejo Increasing

Why are pedestrian injuries in Mission Viejo increasing?  What should you do if you are the injured victim of a hit-and-run pedestrian accident?  Recent statistics from the California Highway Patrol show an increase in the number of pedestrian injuries in Mission Viejo and across Orange County California.  Pedestrians are no match for a car, truck […]

Hit and Run Pedestrian Injury in Mission Viejo

What happens when a hit and run pedestrian injury in Mission Viejo or anywhere in Orange County?  If the driver who caused the accident leaves the scene who will pay for the medical bills and other expenses of the injured victim?  My name is Rivers Morrell and after more than 40 years of experience in […]

SoCalGas Pickup Truck Hits Hawthorne Motorcyclist Causing Severe Injury

A SoCalGas pickup truck ran into the back of a motorcyclist a week ago in Hawthorne dragging him under the truck for more than 400 feet.  Horrified witnesses and other drivers attempted to stop the pickup truck driver who acted as if he wasn’t aware he had hit the motorcyclist.  The pickup truck paused for […]

Pedestrian Seriously Injured in a Santa Ana Hit and Run Accident

A pedestrian was seriously injured on Thursday night when he was hit by a hit-and-run accident involving a vehicle that struck the pedestrian. The incident occurred at the intersection of Fairview Street near 17th street in the city of Santa Ana, when the vehicle struck the man. Unfortunately, the vehicle involved left the scene of […]

What to do if You are Injured in an LA Hit and Run Accident

Who pays for the costs associated with injuries when the driver who caused the accident leaves the scene in Los Angeles?  What should you do if you are injured in an LA hit and run accident and who will help you to recover financially for what has happened? My name is Rivers Morrell and I […]

Santa Ana Fatal Motorcycle Hit and Run – Person in Photo Sought for Questioning

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department (OCSD) is seeking the public’s help to find a person of interest in a Santa Ana fatal motorcycle hit and run accident.  On Monday afternoon, a Maroon Honda struck a motorcyclist in Modjeska Canyon, sending the 55 year old biker to a local hospital where he later succumbed to his […]

Dennis Rodman a “Person of Interest” in I-5 Accident in Santa Ana

Officers arrived at the scene of an I-5 accident in Santa Ana early Wednesday morning.  The driver of a black BMW sedan had become involved in an accident with another vehicle.  A passenger in the BMW complained of pain and may have been injured in the accident.  When police spoke with the driver of the […]

Who Pays for Injuries from a Pedestrian Hit and Run Accident

Hit and run pedestrian accidents are unfortunately relatively very common here in the greater Los Angeles and Orange County area.  It is enough of a shock to be involved in a pedestrian hit and run accident, and when the driver leaves the scene it adds immeasurable pain.  The victim and their family are left with […]

The Value of Uninsured Motorist Coverage (UIM)

In California, there are laws requiring all drivers to have minimum automobile insurance coverage with limits for $15,000/$30,000. Unfortunately, there are many drivers in the state that drive without the necessary insurance coverage. If you are hit by a driver without insurance, or if you are struck by a “hit and run” driver, in most […]

How Do You Handle Medical Bills in Hit and Run Accidents

How do you handle medical bills in hit and run accidents where the driver has not been apprehended or identified?  Who pays for the resulting injuries to passengers in a car or pedestrians when the person who caused the accident drives off?  Why should the victim of a hit and run accident hire an experienced […]