Pit Bull Kills One Child Seriously Injures Another in Atlanta

Many of us heard the news yesterday as a pit bull kills one child and seriously injures another on their way to school in Atlanta.  The children were simply walking to a bus stop when they were mauled by the dog.  There are reports that a second dog was involved in the attack.  Other children […]

Dog Bites in Riverside County

Over the past few years there have been an influx of people moving from Orange County and Los Angeles County into the cities of Riverside County including Corona, Murrieta, and Temecula. Many people find the home prices more affordable in Riverside, so they move for home ownership. Many of these homeowners are also dog owners. […]

Scarring injuries from Dog Bites

Dog Bites can cause many different types of injuries, but one of the most frequent injuries are permanent scars that can result from injuries to the skin. The scarring injuries from dog bites often appear to be permanent in nature, and may require plastic surgery to reduce the appearance of. Many of these procedures can be very […]

LA Dog Owners are Responsible for Injuries When Their Dog Bites

California law holds the owner of a pet financially responsible for any injuries they may cause.  This means that LA dog owners are responsible for injuries when their dog bites a child, neighbor, family member, friend or total stranger.  Does the dog’s owner have to write the check personally?  No, the homeowners insurance or renters […]

Family Forced to Stab Former Police Dog Who Attacked and Mauled a Riverside Man

A local family was forced to stab a former police dog who attacked and mauled a Riverside man recently.  The 20 year old man felt sorry for the dog and offered it a bowl of water.  The dog put its paws on the mans chest, then took a bite out of his biceps.  What followed was a […]

Common Injuries Caused by Dog Bites

What are some of the common injuries caused by dog bites in Orange County and Los Angeles? Dogs are known as man’s best friend, but unfortunately, not all dogs are friendly and sometimes they can attack humans intentionally or on accident, and cause injuries. Dog bite injuries can range from the mild to extreme, sometimes […]

Children Most Common Victims of Dog Bites in Santa Ana

Unfortunately children are the most common victims of dog bites in Santa Ana.  The natural curiosity of a child combined with the attraction to a furry looking friend is often the recipe for an unexpected dog attack resulting in serious injuries to the face, neck, torso, arms and legs.  The types of wounds that result […]

Scarring From Dog Bites Often Requires Multiple Plastic Surgeries

Scarring from dog bites often requires multiple plastic surgeries to correct or resolve.  This is one reason it is important not to settle a dog bite injury case involving scarring with an insurance adjuster before consulting with an experienced injury attorney.  The goal of an insurance adjuster is to settle your case as quickly as […]

Dog Bite and Injury Attorney in Mission Viejo – 40+ Years of Experience

Have you, your child or a family member suffered injuries from a dog attack in Mission Viejo?  Local attorney Rivers Morrell has more than 40 years of experience as a Mission Viejo dog bite and injury attorney.  We invite you to visit the substantial information about dog bites and how these injuries are usually treated […]

Strict Liability for Owners in Dog Bite Lawsuits

In California, if you have been attacked and bitten by another person’s dog, the dog’s owner is strictly liable for your injuries, and the financial damages caused as a result of the dog bite.  Strict liability means the dog’s owner cannot argue when you have been injured from being bitten by another person’s dog.   The dog’s owner cannot argue […]