Fatal Truck Accident in Northridge Resulted in a Wrongful Death

A fatal truck accident in Northridge resulted in a wrongful death recently when a car attempting to pass struck a commercial vehicle which was parked in the median.  The accident with the truck resulted in the death of the driver of the smaller vehicle and serious injuries to the passenger.  This case will be legally […]

Fatal Car Accident in Mission Viejo Leaves One Dead

This past Wednesday, there was a fatal car accident in Mission Viejo that left one city resident dead. The two car accident occurred near the intersection of Alicia Parkway and Lanzarote. The fatal accident took the life of one Mission Viejo resident, and left the other party hospitalized with very serious injuries. The cause of the accident […]

Driver in Los Angeles Fatal Car Accident Charged with Vehicular Manslaughter

The driver believed to be responsible for a Los Angeles fatal car accident that resulted in the death of two young adults has been recently charged with vehicular manslaughter. Authorities believe that the charged driver was speeding in a Lexus and lost control while exiting the 60 freeway near 7th avenue. The accident struck a […]

Fatal Motorcycle Accident in Santiago Canyon

The victim in a fatal motorcycle accident in Santiago Canyon that took place over a week ago has recently expired from his injuries. The accident occurred when the motorcyclist was ejected from his motorcycle as he was driving down Santiago Canyon Road. The motorcyclist had swerved to avoid a collision when a vehicle in the […]

Suspected DUI Driver Arrested at Fatal Seal Beach Accident on the 405

A fatal Seal Beach Accident on the 405 has claimed the life of a 7 year old girl, and sent her sister and father to the hospital with serious injuries.  The accident was caused by a man who was arrested at the scene for suspicion of drunk driving.  The CHP had received several calls about […]

Horrific Fatal Accident on I-5 in Irvine

A horrific fatal accident on I-5 in Irvine last evening resulted in the wrongful death of one man, and serious burns and injuries to other drivers.  According to the California Highway Patrol a 1994 Dodge Van was driving at an unsafe speed.  The van was travelling northbound on the I-5 at near the Irvine Tustin line […]

Can a Passenger’s Family Sue the Driver for a Wrongful Death?

Can a passenger’s family sue the driver for a wrongful death after a fatal car accident?  Absolutely.  In California, a wrongful death occurs whenever someone loses their life due to the negligence of another driver.  They don’t have to be in different vehicles.  If the victim is not in the immediate family of the driver a […]

Street Racing is a Dangerous Activity that Can Result in Fatal Car Accidents

Orange County police task force has recently been heavily targeting the illegal street race scene. A recent raid broke up an illegal street race meet up involving over 50 vehicles in the city of Costa Mesa, near the Santa Ana River. Multiple drivers were arrested for crimes ranging from: driving under the influence, street racing, […]

Young Boy Suffers Fatal Injury in a Newport Beach Truck Accident

Tragedy occurred recently when a young boy suffers a fatal injury in a Newport Beach truck accident. The accident occurred in the afternoon on Wednesday May 25, near the intersection of 15th Street and Michael Place in Newport Beach. Apparently the boy was riding a bicycle at the time he was struck by the commercial […]

Fatal Motorcycle Accident in Costa Mesa

A fatal motorcycle accident in Costa Mesa yesterday occurred at the intersection of Sunflower Avenue and Susan Street.  The motorcycle and an SUV came into contact in the intersection, and the motorcyclist has unfortunately lost his life.  The motorcycle was literally torn in two by the force of the accident.  The fatal incident happened just before 8am […]