Transmitting HIV in California may No Longer Be a Felony…

Transmitting HIV in California may no longer be a felony but it is still a civil offense and you can hold someone of substance financially liable for transmitting HIV in Los Angeles or anywhere in California without warning you in advance of intimate contact.  Filing a civil lawsuit is not extortion.  The laws of California […]

STD from a Celebrity in LA without Advance Warning

What should you do if you get an STD from a celebrity in LA without advance warning prior to intimate contact?  Hold them financially accountable and responsible for your present and future medical expenses and the damage to your personal life.  California law requires anyone with an STD to tell a potential partner they carry […]

Usher STD Case a Lesson for Recording Artists and Musicians

What makes the Usher STD case a lesson for recording artists and musicians alike?  Recently, many news outlets covered the planned civil lawsuit against Usher for exposing several individuals to Herpes without providing advance warning prior to intimate contact.  California law (and the laws of every state in the nation) require those who have an […]

STD Rates in Orange County are on the Rise

Local health officials report STD rates in Orange County are on the rise and LA county has one of the highest infection rates in the nation.  Most recent data from public health officials in Orange County and throughout Southern California have shown a significant increase in reports of syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia that are in […]

STDs and Civil Lawsuits in Los Angeles and California

Most people are not aware about the laws regarding the transmission of STDs and civil lawsuits in Los Angeles and California.  One of the most devastating things a person in a monogamous relationship can discover, is that they have been infected with a sexually transmitted disease (“STD”) by their partner. The feelings of mistrust and […]

Can I File A Lawsuit Against Someone For Giving Me an STD

“Can I file lawsuit against someone for giving me an STD in LA or Orange County?”  Unfortunately, many people that are sexually active and aware of their own sexually transmitted diseases (“STDs”), fail to inform or actively conceal their infection status from their partners. This is how many STDs such as HIV, HPV, and HSV-2 are […]

Transmitting HIV or AIDS without Advance Warning Can Result in Civil Financial Damages

Transmitting HIV or AIDS without advance warning to an intimate partner can result in civil financial damages.  If you have received HIV or AIDS from an intimate partner without warning prior to intimate contact you may have a case.  If your partner has financial substance such as a professional athlete, celebrity, TV or Radio personality […]

Holding Someone Accountable for Transmitting an STD in LA without Advance Warning

It is illegal to transmit an STD in Los Angeles without giving your partner warning that you are a carrier in advance of sexual contact.  Holding someone accountable for transmitting an STD in LA without advance warning is possible if the person who transmitted the disease has financial means.  There are two elements to this […]

STD Rates are on the Rise in Los Angeles County 

STD rates are on the rise in Los Angeles County.  Many of the most common sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) such as genital herpes (hsv-2), chlamydia, HIV, and gonorrhea have been reported on the rise according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC).  After being on the downswing for many years, there has been a recent […]

Hold A Person of Financial Substance Accountable for Transmitting HIV/AIDS in LA

It is illegal to knowingly transmit an STD without advance warning in Los Angeles and throughout California.  You can hold a person of financial substance financially accountable for transmitting HIV/AIDS in LA without warning you in advance that you are a carrier.  This is not extortion, regardless of what has been said by other celebrities […]