Have You Suffered Whiplash from Being Involved in a Car Accident?

One of the most common injuries from being involved in a car accident is commonly known as “whiplash”.  Medically speaking, the whiplash from being involved in a car accident is described as a neck injury that can occur when the head suddenly moves backwards and then forwards. They can also be diagnosed as neck strain/sprain […]

Skateboarder Critically Injured in Anaheim Hit-and-Run Saturday Night

We are extremely saddened by the critical injury of a skateboarder Saturday evening in an Anaheim hit-and-run accident. After more than 40 years of injury and wrongful death experience and several cases involving skateboarders, I can tell you this is devastating for the family. Skateboarders often do not receive the respect they deserve as many people (including […]

Tingling and Numbness in Limbs After a Car Accident

After a car accident, some common injuries that people suffer can include bumps and bruises, and head, neck, and back sprains.  However, sometimes after an accident, more uncommon injuries may occur such as tingling and numbness in the hands or feet. Many people that experience these types of nerve pains are unaware that sometimes these […]

California Loss of Consortium Cause of Action

Recently, a case came up where a man was badly injured due to an accident. Unfortunately, his injuries permanently affected his ability to carry out activities of daily living. It was clear to me that his injuries had taken a toll on his wife. Even though his wife was not involved directly in the accident, I […]

Airline Near Miss for Orange County Residents Heading to John Wayne Airport

Two Southwest Airlines airplanes clipped each other’s wings while departing the gate in Oakland this evening.  One of the planes was heading to John Wayne Airport in Orange County when…

Fatal Motorcycle Accident in Brea Under Investigation

A fatal motorcycle accident in Brea this week left one person fatally injured, and his friend on a different motorcycle was sent to UCI Medical Center with serious injuries.  The driver of a pickup…

Serious Injuries from an Orange County Accident Require Expert Legal Help

If you suffer serious injuries in an accident in Orange County you will need an experienced and proven attorney to ensure that you have the greatest possible opportunity to recover financially…

Dog Bite with Injuries in Irvine

Irvine is a unique planned city where the vast majority of its citizens own their homes and the value of those homes is substantial.  If a dog bite in Irvine…

Car Accident in Orange Injures Pedestrian

A man crashed his car into the sidewalk and injured a pedestrian near a bench in the city of Orange, in Orange County. Accordingly to authorities, the man was driving…

Car Accident in Anaheim Results in a Wrongful Death

A car accident that occurred earlier this week on the I-5 freeway in Anaheim has resulted in the death of one of the individuals involved. A woman was driving her…