School Bus Involved in a Multi Vehicle Accident in Lake Forest

Earlier this week, a school bus involved in a multi vehicle accident in Lake Forest was carrying special needs children.  The accident unfortunately caused several parties to become seriously injured. It appears that the school bus “t-boned” or ran into the side another vehicle, which in turn struck several other vehicles. California Highway Patrol are still […]

Holding a Public Entity Financially Accountable for Injury

California law allows its citizens to hold a public entity financially accountable for injury. The first and most obvious source of exposure for public entities would be public transportation such as buses and trains. The Orange County Transportation Authority or OCTA operates the OCBus and the Metrolink train services. If you are injured in an […]

Why You Should Hire an Experienced Lawyer if your are Injured in an Accident in Orange County

Why should you hire an experienced Orange County injury lawyer if you are injured in an accident?  Over the years the legal industry has taken quite a beating in the…

Can You Hold a Public Transit Train Operator Liable for Injuries or Wrongful Death in California?

The recent passenger train accident in India that resulted in the death of more than 34 passengers and injuries to hundreds raises a question I have often been asked in…

Santa Ana Police Officer Involved Car Accident

A Santa Ana Police Officer was recently involved in a head on car accident collision with another vehicle while he was responding to a 9-1-1 emergency call. There was a…