Dehydration in a Nursing Home is Abuse

Dehydration in a nursing home is abuse and you need to know what signs to look for.  Simply stated, dehydration is simply an excessive loss of water.  This condition affects all of the body’s organs and systems and can become life threatening.  Dehydration is one of the most common forms of abuse and neglect in […]

Slip and Fall Negligence Elder Abuses Cases

One of the most common types of elder abuse claims stem from a slip and fall negligence at a nursing home resulting in injury.  Unfortunately, many elderly residents of nursing homes are high fall risks, and require extensive assistance with their mobility and activities of daily living. Without proper supervision, these elderly residents are at […]

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect in Orange County

A recent story of a facility owned by corporate parent company covenant care exposed two specific lawsuits against one of the largest local nursing homes, and multiple stories of nursing home abuse and neglect.  The stories are maddening.  We place our seniors in the care of nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities expecting them to […]

Compensation for Elder Abuse Claims

  In cases involving compensation for elder abuse claims or neglect of an elder (or dependent adult as defined by California law), there are different damages that are available, depending on what the Plaintiff can prove. Elder Abuse plaintiffs are typically entitled to the same types of damages as any other personal injury plaintiff is […]

How Common is Nursing Home Abuse in Anaheim?

The Anaheim area is home to many nursing home and skilled nursing facilities.  The 2010 Census reported that more than 40 Million Americans are over the age of 65, and that number continues to rise.  California has the largest population of senior citizens in the US, and that number is expected to reach 6.4 million […]

Nursing Home Neglect in Anaheim Can Result in a Civil Lawsuit

Nursing home neglect in Anaheim is against the law, and the family of a neglected senior can hold the healthcare facility accountable through a civil lawsuit.  There are several important signs that your beloved parent, grandparent or family member is being neglected by nursing home staff including: Overmedication – Watch for changes in medication that […]

Fall Resulting in Injury at an Anaheim Nursing Home or Assisted Care Facility

There is no excuse for a fall resulting in injury at an Anaheim nursing home or assisted care facility.  Recent statistics released by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) noted that the average number of falls in a nursing home across the US is 2 per bed per year.  This is an astonishing statistic, and […]

Bankruptcy of Orange County Nursing Home Chain Still Affects Residents

The February bankruptcy of Orange County nursing home chain, North American Health care Inc., still has a lingering affect on its patients and residents. The former nursing home, which used…

Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse in Orange County

Many nursing homes throughout Orange County are understaffed and have fewer medical professionals and supervision than required by California law.  As a result, the standard of care in these facilities…

Nursing Home and Elder Abuse in the City of Anaheim

Anaheim is home to over a dozen skilled nursing homes some of which have been sued in the past for nursing home and elder abuse. When you entrust your loved…