SoCalGas Pickup Truck Hits Hawthorne Motorcyclist Causing Severe Injury

A SoCalGas pickup truck ran into the back of a motorcyclist a week ago in Hawthorne dragging him under the truck for more than 400 feet.  Horrified witnesses and other drivers attempted to stop the pickup truck driver who acted as if he wasn’t aware he had hit the motorcyclist.  The pickup truck paused for […]

Fatal Motorcycle Accident in Santiago Canyon

The victim in a fatal motorcycle accident in Santiago Canyon that took place over a week ago has recently expired from his injuries. The accident occurred when the motorcyclist was ejected from his motorcycle as he was driving down Santiago Canyon Road. The motorcyclist had swerved to avoid a collision when a vehicle in the […]

Motor Cycle Accident in Newport Beach Seriously Injures Two

A man and woman were seriously injured and hospitalized on June 1 in a motor cycle accident in Newport Beach when the motorcycle they were riding struck an automobile that was making a turn. The accident occurred in the city of Newport Beach in Orange County at the intersection of MacArthur Boulevard and Harbor View Drive. […]

Motorcycle accident in Newport Beach Injures Two Victims

In a motorcycle accident in Newport Beach Tuesday morning of this passed week, two people were seriously injured in a vehicle accident involving a motorcycle and a car. The accident occurred at the intersection of Harbor View Drive and MacArthur Boulevard. The motorcycle rider and his passenger were badly injured as a result of the collision and […]

Injured on a Motorcycle When Car Pulled in Front of You

Were you injured on a motorcycle when a car pulled out in front of you?  This is one of the most common accidents involving motorcyclists in Orange County.  In most cases, the driver of the car claims they never saw the motorcycle coming, and when they pull out or turn in front of the path […]

Fatal Motorcycle Accident in Brea Under Investigation

A fatal motorcycle accident in Brea this week left one person fatally injured, and his friend on a different motorcycle was sent to UCI Medical Center with serious injuries.  The driver of a pickup…

Irvine Man Killed in Fatal Motorcycle Accident in San Bernardino

A local Irvine man was killed in a fatal motorcycle accident when his bike crashed into a big-rig truck that had run a stop san in San Bernardino. The accident…

Motorcyclist dies as a result of Car Accident in San Juan Capistrano

An Orange County resident was involved in a fatal motorcycle accident in the south Orange County city of San Juan Capistrano on the interstate 5 freeway when he collided with the back…

Motorcycle Accident in Huntington Beach

A motorcyclist collided with a truck that abruptly pulled out in front of him in the city of Huntington Beach. The accident occurred near Waterbury Lane toward Yorktown Avenue at…

Breaking the perception that bikers cause wrecks

If asked, many people in California will tell you that they think bikers are responsible for a lot of motorcycle accidents. They’ll tell you that the bikers ride too…