Car Accidents Which Result in a Neck or Spine Injury

Car accidents which result in a neck or spine injury in Mission Viejo, Orange County, Riverside or throughout Southern California can make a profound impact on a person’s life.  The forces associated with a car accident are quite powerful.  These forces rapidly and harshly move the body in multiple directions in fractions of a second.  […]

Car Accident Injury Attorney in Mission Viejo

Looking for a car accident injury attorney in Mission Viejo or southern Orange County?  The Law Firm of Rivers Morrell is conveniently located off of Crown Valley Parkway and I-5 with free parking on-site.  Rivers Morrell has more than 40 years of experience as an accident and injury attorney.  If you or a loved one […]

Do You Need an Experienced Attorney to Handle Your Santa Ana Car Accident Injury Claim

Do you need an experienced attorney to handle your Santa Ana car accident injury claim to ensure the maximum result?  The short answer is yes, as long as the attorney has a track record of success in trial.  Santa Ana is the largest city in Orange County, so it is no surprise that it has […]

Multi Vehicle Car Crash in South Orange County Leaves Two Injured

A multi vehicle car crash in South Orange County on Pacific Coast Highway this past week left two parties injured. Police officers believe that the accident was caused by a driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  The accident occurred at the intersection of Pacific Coast Highway and Selva Road. The injured parties were taken to […]

What to Do in a Multi-Vehicle Accident

Earlier this week there was a 10 car pileup accident on the southbound 405 freeway in Orange County, just north of the Bolsa exit. One vehicle flipped and overturned in the accident, and there were numerous injuries, including one driver with serious injuries. The injured parties from this multi-vehicle accident were transported by local area […]

Back and Neck Injuries from a Car Accident Can Cause Numbness and Tingling

Common complaints following a motor vehicle accident can include neck and back stiffness and pain. However, more severe back and neck injuries from a car accident can cause additional symptoms such as numbness in the extremities or a tingling sensation in the hands and feet. These types of injuries can affect the central nervous system. Many […]

Pokemon Go Mobile App Causes Car Accidents

Nationwide, there have been recent reported incidents of car accidents being caused by the extremely popular mobile app Pokemon Go that has been released by Nintendo. Inattentive drivers that are playing the mobile game are not aware of their surroundings, and have caused collisions with buildings and other vehicles in many publicized recent events. Not […]

Serious Back Injuries as a Result of Car Accidents

Have you been involved in a car accident that has caused back injuries or damage to your vertebrae or discs? If left untreated, serious back injuries can have lifelong effects, and may even lead to conditions such as paralysis and death. The spine is divided into three segments: the lumbar (lower), thoracic (mid/upper), and cervical […]

Car Accident in the City of Orange Overturns Vehicle

A serious car accident in the city of Orange over-turned a vehicle and caused injuries to the drivers involved. In addition, the accident created massive traffic for daily commuters as California Highway Patrol and emergency medical personnel were dispatched to the scene. Multiple vehicles were involved in the collision, and most parties appear to be without […]

Irvine Car Accident Results in a Fatality

A serious Irvine car accident results in a fatality this afternoon.  Several vehicles were involved in the accident at the intersection of MacArthur Boulevard and Campus Driver in Irvine.  When firefighters arrived at the scene they found one of the drivers had lost his life in the accident.  Two other drivers in the accident suffered […]